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Best Free WordPress Themes In 2023 You Can Use For Your Site

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This article gives lists of the best free WordPress themes in 2023 to choose from for your blog or website.

Every good website or blog begins with having a good theme for its designs. Low on budget but wants to start a WordPress blog?

This article will help you with;

  • What WordPress themes are
  • Best free WordPress themes you can choose from for your next project.
  • Where to buy premium themes
  • Free premium magazine WordPress theme for you

Do you know what a WordPress theme is? Yes, template and theme can be used interchangeably. Although, we use Template mostly for Blogspot and Theme for WordPress.

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What’s a WordPress theme?

See a theme as an architectural design of a building drawn by an architect. Theme is the pre-designed structure of a website/blog that anyone can you for his/her website.

WordPress Themes are designed by theme developers. Some are completely free while some have free and paid versions.

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What to look for in WordPress themes before using them

You can’t just go ahead to use just any theme. There are some things you need to look out for so you don’t keep changing themes every month.

  1. Is it a lightweight theme?: Having a lightweight WordPress theme is one of the best things you can do for your website/blog. When theme’s file is having too much megabytes, it is no more lightweight and will surely have effect on your server storage. Make sure the WordPress theme is as light as it can possibly be.
  2. Is it customizable?: The WordPress theme you are about to use, can you customize it to your taste? Don’t be surprised to see some themes giving you problems when you are trying to change ordinary the hyperlink text configuration. Especially if you are not a code savvy, you need a simple WordPress theme.
  3. Is it SEO-friendly?: If the WordPress theme isn’t SEO-friendly, there is no point using it. How to check SEO score of a theme? Copy the URL of the demo theme and head on to SmallSEOtools. There is a way you check SEO score there.
  4. Does it have all the features you want?: Features such as; related post, share button, about author, sticky header, adding ads code before, in between and after post without using plugins are all cool features you should look into.

NOTE: Before you use just any WordPress theme, do yourself some good by reading about it on the developer’s site.

Best free WordPress themes in 2023 you should consider using

My list of tested and trusted free WordPress themes you can use are listed below and the link to download or buy them are available.

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1). Astra WordPress Theme

Astra theme is one of the WordPress themes I recommend if you consider having a small or business website set up. Astra theme works swiftly and well with Elementor page builder.

Features of Astra WordPress theme

  • It has lots of free templates you can use
  • You can edit the footer credit (most site owners want this)
  • It is lightweight
  • SEO-friendly
  • You can’t naturally add latest blog post section to your homepage

WARNING: If you do not know how to use elementor page builder, you will need the help of a website designer.

How to download Astra theme

No need to download. Just navigate to your WordPress dashboard, go to the theme section and search for Astra. When you see it, install and activate.

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Demo Website: Assist Blogger Courses

2). Neve WordPress Theme

Neve theme is exactly like the Astra theme but with little distinction. Neve theme also works swiftly and well with Elementor page builder.

Features of Neve WordPress theme

  • It has lots of free templates you can use based in your site’s purpose
  • You can edit the footer credit (most site owners want this)
  • It is lightweight
  • SEO-friendly

How to download Neve WordPress Theme

Navigate to theme section on your dashboard and search for it. No need to download.

Demo Website: Osagie Merry World

3). Schema Lite WordPress Theme

If you love this blog academy, you will love Schema lite. Or even get the premium version for yourself. Schema lite is the perfect WordPress theme for your personal or affiliate blog.

It works well with woocommerce, Nimble page builder and easily customizable. Once you know your way around around CSS, you have no problem with schema lite.

NOTE: Schema lite doesn’t work well with elementor page builder.

You can get it from your theme depository.

Demo website: Assist Blogger Academy (coupled with Nimble page builder).

4). Frontier WordPress Theme

This, Frontier WordPress Theme, is my best free WordPress theme since 2018. The theme is compatible with HTML5 and CSS3.

Looking for a theme you can customize any way you want? Go for Frontier. It is fast and easily indexable.

Frontier WordPress theme is perfect for entertainment, music, news, information, health and so many other niches.

But, it is not very compatible with woocommerce.

How to download Frontier WordPress theme

This theme is no more available in depository. But it is free. To download it, go to the theme developer’s website here.

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Demo: I use it for Information Board Nigeria.

5). Zox News WordPress Theme (Premium)

Zox News WordPress theme was developed going to a decade now and since has been making waves on the most popular theme seller on the internet.

Like every other theme, it is customizable and in addition, it is beautiful and colorful.

Zox News theme is perfect for News and entertainment niches and works perfectly with Woocommerce.  The theme is used by popular websites such as Addicted2Success, Everyday power Blog, Bella Naija etc.

How to download Zox news theme

Zox news WordPress theme is only available in premium version and it is sold on Theme Forest at $39.

If you want the premium version, I can give you for $10 (if you are not a premium member of this academy).

Demo: I used it on PHNBrand

6). To be continued….

Websites to buy legit premium WordPress themes

The websites I trust that deal in selling of WordPress themes and even other CMS templates are listed below.

  1. Theme forest: They do not only sell themes, they also sell plugins and templates for Blogspot. As far as I am concerned, they are the best.
  2. HappyThemes: Sells theme
  3. MyThemeShop: Sells theme and plugins
  4. Templatemonster

These are the ones I have used. When I explore more, I will update this article.

Wrapping up the best free WordPress themes to use in 2023 and beyond

Looking for a theme to start your WordPress site/blog but low on budget? These are some of the trusted and cool themes I have used and using.

But note, Zox News Theme is just for $10.

Do you have any WordPress theme in mind? Drop them in the comment below.

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