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9 Important Ranking Factors From Geek SEO eBook

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It is not a new thing that SEO is the best source of traffic. But, most bloggers do not know how to make their blog rank in google even from the beginning of their blogging career. In this article, I will share with you 9 important ranking factors I learnt from the Geek SEO eBook I came across a couple of months ago.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid result. It is referred to as a natural or organic search result.

When you type a particular word on google, you would have seen that some websites come up to occupy the first page of the search result. Those are websites that are highly optimized for SEO for that keyword.

Learn more from this video from SearchEngineLand below?

Benefits of ranking on search engine

There are lots of benefits to having a highly optimized web page for SEO. Some of these are;

    • More traffic to your website
    • More revenue
    • Respect among bloggers and
    • Provide time to focus on other things

About the author of Geek SEO eBook

Jonathan Leger is a 7-figure Internet Marketer that has been practicing the art of SEO since the web was born in the 1990s. He is a software developer by trade. He is also an internet business coach, perform SEO services. Check out his website here.

9 Important ranking factors for bloggers in a nutshell

I will not go in-depth on these 9 important ranking factors but I will provide the link to download the book at the end of this post. The lessons from the book are;

Lesson 1: Quantity and Quality of links aimed at your entire website

To help your website rank, make sure you get links to all of the pages of your website from other high-quality websites, especially those in your niche.

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According to JonLeger, sites with quality links to all of their pages tend to rank higher than sites with links directed to a  single page. Google relies on the authority of the entire site so much that pages with only a few links that are on sites that have lots of links often outrank pages that have more links to the individual page but not as many links to the entire site.

Domain Authority determines how likely a domain will rank. That is the higher your DA, the higher the chance of ranking on google. The best way to achieve this is via quality links from quality sites to your site.

Lesson 2: Quantity and Quality of links aimed at a single page/post on your website

In addition to how popular your site is, google also values how popular each individual page of your site is. JonLeger explains that the more high-quality sites link to your page, the more google will favor it in search results.

How likely a page will rank is determined by Page Authority. The higher, the better. And it can be achieved via quality links to the page.

Lesson 3: Optimization of article

This is what you should do every time you make an article. Optimizing article for SEO starts with having quality content. After this, you can then do the following;

¶ Having your primary keyword at the beginning of the post title, meta description

¶ The primary keyword should also appear in the body of the article

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¶ The primary keyword should also appear in the h2 subheading

¶ Make sure your images have alt tag with the keyword

¶ Bolding of the keyword is advisable. More info in the eBook.

To learn more on how to make your blog post SEO-friendly, click here.

Take note of this lesson 3. Because it is very important for ranking

Lesson 4: Appropriate length, fast loading and secure server HTTPS

Google like articles that are detailed enough and are on a secured web page. In preparing for SEO, make sure your content has the right length (1000 words is not much), is readable, and unique, page load fast for users on desktop and mobile devices, and host your site on a secure server.


Lesson 5: Engagement and traffic

Are people sticking around to read your article? To achieve this, make sure your post title is well structured and the contents are valuable. It is a post your visitors find engaging they share with friends on social media and also link back to.

To achieve this, use images, and graphs, have related posts at the end of each post, and encourage your visitors to share and ask questions.

Lesson 6: Domain-level Brand

What do people think of when they see your domain? That is your brand. What do you think of when you hear Alpha Web Agency?

Try as much as possible to make sure your domain serves its purposes. Put effort into building your brand, google is coming to recognize you.

Lesson 7: Domain-level keyword

This is when your domain matches your keyword. JonLeger said when creating a new site make sure the keywords you want to rank for are at least partially contained in your domain name. When choosing your domain, there are some things you should not do. Read them here

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The exact match domain still rocks more than the partially match keyword. keep your domain short, with no hyphens, memorable, and use .com whenever possible.

Lesson 8: Taking care of crawl errors and, responsiveness, speed and content

This eighth lesson talked about devoiding your website entirely of errors. No visitors want to see that. make sure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly and has unique content as often as possible. Those are what google looks into in a website.

Lesson 9: Social Features of a website

These are interactions on your website across major social websites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc). Make sure your content is super engaging for people to talk about on social media. Although, social shares have little effect on ranking but can actually help in letting other bloggers link to your website.

How to download the Geeks SEO eBook

I know you have been waiting for this. Lolz. The PDF format of this book is no longer available in Assist Blogger Academy. Hope this summary helps.

Wrapping up ranking factors from Geeks eBook

Assist Blogger has just shared with you 9 important ranking factors I learnt from Geek SEO eBook. As a blogger, this book is indispensable as it can help you boost your website rank, in a matter of time. Do me a favor, don’t enjoy this book alone. Share with other bloggers you know. All bloggers need it.

Do you have other SEO ebooks to share? kindly let me in the comment.

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