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Would You Like to Travel, Work and Study In Canada? – Apply for Canada Visa

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Live and Work in Canada-Canada Express Entry Application

Thinking of emigrating: here’s what you should know about living, working, and seeking a job in Canada (Live and Work in Canada).

There are various different Immigration Programs and ways to apply for Permanent Residence and Canada Welcomes You will let you choose the Programme that will work best for your family. We will make sure that you qualify under the Programme of choice and will advise and eliminate any element of confusion that so often arises with the array of rules that must be followed and criteria that has to be met to reach your goals

The Canadian shortage occupations list could be your key to finding employment here, but you’ll need skills and experience to qualify.

Do you want to live permanently in Canada?

You can certainly see why people from around the globe choose to call Canada their permanent home. With Canada’s high quality of life, world-class education, and strong economy, immigrating to live and work in Canada is an exciting opportunity.

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It might appear to be a simple choice but if you wish to Immigrate to Canada there are numerous ways to apply. There are numerous options to permanent residence and sometimes selecting the best path is probably not that simple.

We have outlined the various categories that can lead to permanent residence below.

Permanent Immigration Visa Categories

Federal Skilled Workers: are assessed upon their likelihood of becoming economically established in Canada and include qualifying under a point system. IMPORTANT: This category has recently changed and New Instructions have been issued. Canada Welcomes You can quickly assess yourself under the New Instructions and provide alternative options if you don’t qualify under this category.

Employment opportunities in Canada

Unemployment in Canada is 8.4 percent (August 2015). It is worth noting that a work permit and approval to immigrate does not guarantee employment, informed, searching highly skilled.

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There is certainly a demand, however, in areas such as accounting and finance, aerospace, agriculture, biotechnology, chemical manufacturing, construction, healthcare and social care, ICT and e-commerce, mining, and food services.

Job applications-Live and Work in Canada-Canada Express Entry Application

A résumé in Canada is usually two pages in length. Remember to target the résumé towards the position that you intend to are applying and focus on areas that are matched to the job.

Online applications are becoming more commonplace and need equally as much attention. A concise application email in formal writing should accompany your résumé.

Canada Student visas

A study visa/permit is required if you want to study in Canada for six months or more, or if you are hoping to work part-time on campus. To qualify for a study visa, you need acceptance to a university, college, or technical institution in Canada, a valid passport, proof that you could support yourself if you are studying in Canada, and proof that you would like to return home after the completion of studies.

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Canada Work permits

If you’ll Canada a student or are under 35 you can travel under the Student Work & Travel Programme/Canada Work & Travel Programme Canada under 35 Programme which allows you to spend as much as a full year living and working in Canada.

The Work in Canada program is flexible and lets you enter the country with no job pre-arranged. However, searching online prior to going can be very useful. There are almost no restrictions on the kind of work you do or where put it into practice, or indeed the number of jobs you hold at one time.

Immigration To Canada: Do you need to Live, Work and Study In Canada? – Apply for Canada Visa. ..

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