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UK Universities, Colleges and Schools that Accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters Degree Programs

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In recent years, more international students have been looking for UK Universities that accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Master’s programs. This is because more international students want to get a Master’s degree in UK Universities.

This is because the UK has a good education system and is one of the most well-known and respected countries in the world.

Do you want to know if you can get a Master’s degree in the UK with a third class?

If so, you’ve come to the right place because this article has a list of UK universities that accept HND certificates and a 3rd class for master’s degrees. We’ve got you covered with the goodness in this article.

In the UK, there are a lot of universities that will let you get a Masters degree with an HND or a 3rd class. And anyone can get a Master’s degree, even if they don’t come from the UK or only have a high school diploma.

The United Kingdom (UK) has many prestigious universities that are among the top-ranked best universities in the world. So, it is one of the top choices for students around the world. Statistics also show that each year more than 150,000 students from outside the UK come to study at UK universities (every year).

Studying abroad, especially in the UK, can be a great choice for people who want to get an education from world-class schools and stand out as some of the best in the world.

Many universities in the UK will let you in if you meet their requirements. And these UK Universities that accept a third class for Master’s are what this article will be unveiling.

List of UK universities that accept HND and 3rd Class for Masters

We have compiled a good list of some of the best universities in the UK that are worth checking out which you would definitely love to pick from.

Here is a list of UK universities that accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters.

South Wales University

The University of South Wales in Cardiff, Wales, is the first school on our list of UK colleges that accept HND certificates and 3rd class for masters.

The University of South Wales is a notable public research university not just only in Cardiff, Whales but also in the UK and in the world.

Statistics show that it is the third largest university in Wales in terms of the number of students. It has a large number of students (Current rate 2021-2022).

The largest universities happen to be the University of Wales Trinity Saint David the number one largest and Cardiff Metropolitan University the second.

Then The University of South Wales appears third on the list. Students who want to get a Master’s degree at this South Wales University (UK) can use HNDs and 3rd class degrees.

It is a very big school, with campuses in Cardiff, Newport, and Wrexham.

The campus is on about 18 or 19 acres of land and has a lot of buildings and other things on it. Sports facilities like gyms, an indoor pool, and a fitness center are some of the most well-known things at this university.

Some of the others are things like a cafe and other things that students usually need while they are studying at this university.

The courses offered at this university are something else to keep in mind.

Some of the classes this university offers are;

Business Management, Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology Management, Mathematics, Psychology, and Sociology, among other things.

This University gets five stars from us.

You can find out more about them on their website.

University of Swansea

The second university on this list is Swansea University. As one of the best universities in Wales. This school is also known as “the students’ choice.” This is because of its high international student population.

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One thing that makes Swansea University stand out is that it has a wide range of courses to meet the needs of everyone.

For West African countries, The University of Swansea accepts HNDs from aspiring students in Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leone for admission into its Master’s programs in the United Kingdom.

Although it has a good rate of entry requirement for entry which is a 2:2 GPA from your undergraduate degree globally.

Check out their site for more information;

College of Salford

Salford University: a friendly environment learning institution for all.

Above, it says that the University of Salford is a friendly place to learn for everyone because it has a stimulating learning environment. Also, you’ll take courses that are focused on your field and prepare you for success in school and after you graduate.

They have experienced tutors and experts in their fields who will teach you to the maximum standard and applying what you’ve learned always make you the best in real-world situations or reality. Some of the most interesting things about this school are the internships, field trips, live projects, and so on.

What do you have to do to get in?

The applicants must have a four-year bachelor’s degree from a respected and well-known Nigerian university and a degree classification of at least second-class lower (2:2).

They might also let in people who have graduated from medical school.

You can also find out more on their website,

University of London, Metropolitan
London Metropolitan University is a school in London that is one of the best in the world.

This institution stands out because it is in a kind and friendly neighborhood in London, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The University is complicated, and people come from all over to study there. Foreign students from all over the world give you the chance to meet people from many different backgrounds.

Postgraduate courses are also available to people who have earned a third-class degree from a recognized Nigerian university.

But, like every other college or university, they have requirements or criteria that applicants must meet in order to be accepted.

After finishing the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nigeria, one of the requirements is to have worked full-time in a relevant field for at least three years. Or an additional professional qualification and two years after finishing the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nigeria.

It is a world-class university where students with an HND or a third class can apply for a Masters.

You can find out more by going to their website;

Rockhampton University

Rockhampton University in London is one of the UK universities that accept HND certificates and a 3rd class for master’s degrees.

The University of Rockhampton (Rockhampton University), London, is a public university in the United Kingdom. It has three main campuses in Rockhampton, Wandsworth, and London. Like the other books on this list, it’s worth thinking about because it can fit your needs as a student in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.

What are the criteria or qualifications?

The criteria to apply for a master’s degree normally is that you need a second-class honors degree from a recognized British or international university.

But some programs might ask for a 2:1.

You might ask about the fate of those with a third class.


Since they will look at an applicant’s whole situation when deciding whether or not to let them in, those with or with a third class are encouraged to apply to this university.

The University has already given its approval, so if you like it, you can go ahead and apply.

You can get more details on their official website;

Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University: School for all

People say and see that this university has strong ties to Nigeria. And that could be a major reason for a large number of the Nigerian student population on campus at the University.

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Students from Nigeria can easily apply to and get into this university because it doesn’t have many rules or requirements for admission.

What do I need to do to get in?

As was already said, the requirement is not hard. But just like every other college or university, there are rules about how to apply and get in. Postgraduate courses at Robert Gordon University are open to people who have a four-year degree with a minimum CGPA of 2.40 and a second-class lower classification or something similar.

You can also look at the page for that course to find out more.

Note: A small number of universities require a minimum of second-class upper classification or its equivalent as a requirement for admission.

You can make more enquires from their official website;

University College Birmingham

That you graduated with third class does not entail that you won’t gain admission for Masters.

And that’s why this article is here: to help you understand.

This means that you can still get a master’s degree at the University of Birmingham even though you only got a 3rd Class.

But however, this university offers admission to 3rd class certificate holders to study a few selected Master’s programs in Business.

Edinburgh Napier University

The Edinburgh Napier University is a UK University located in the capital city of Scotland. It was founded in the year 1964. The campus of the university is known for having a great feel.

The graduates from Edinburgh Napier tend to go on to highly successful careers after graduating from the University thereby giving it a high excellent academic reputation and remark.

Still can’t find the school you want on this list? Then you can check this out.

There are different subjects offered on the university campus which include Business Studies, Engineering, Marketing, and so on.

Requirement for entry

Unlike the universities listed above, Edinburgh Napier University accepts applicants with an HND or 3rd class who have earned at least 60% in their last two years of undergraduate study. This makes it easy to meet the requirements and gain admission.

You can check further on their website;

College of Bradford

The University of Bradford is still one of the UK schools that accepts HND and 3rd Class for Masters.

The University of Bradford also offers a Global Development Scholarship aimed at helping students in financial hardship to gain scholarships for free studies.

There is almost no requirement to gain admission from this institution as its scholarship is aimed at alleviating hardship. Hence, it pays little or no attention at all to a class of degree. Anyone therefore can apply for it.

You can refer to the university for more information. Once you meet their other requirements, you can go with your HND Certificates and 3rd class.

You can find out more by going to their official website;

Kent University

The University of Kent has ease of study. This means that there is no long application process, and if you are serious, you are likely to meet the requirements about 90% of the time.

You can study for your Master’s program at the University of Kent with your third class or HND certificate or pass without stress.

You can complete your research on their official website;

University of Plymouth

This university is also among the UK Universities that accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters.

Being among the top universities in England as at current data of 2021-2022. Founded in the year 1992 with a fast growth rate.

You can check more on their official website;

UK Universities that accept HND certificates and a 3rd class for a master’s program FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Here are some of the most common questions about UK universities that accept HND certificates and a 3rd class for a master’s degree.

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Also, people ask;

Do UK universities accept 3rd class for Masters?

Yes, there are a lot of UK Universities that Accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters.

This makes it easy for people with an HND degree or a third class in their bachelor’s program to study for a master’s degree in the UK.

Can I do a Masters with a 3rd class degree?

You can apply for a Masters with a third-class degree.

Although it’s likely that most universities won’t be overly impressed as there are certain requirements to meet.

Hence, the answer to this question is yes.

Can I do a Masters with an HND?

Although most Masters programs will demand a full honors degree, but as an HND graduate there may be options for you nevertheless. But you may need to check the requirements to get into the course because there are only so many spots available.

This article talks about all of these things.

What is the greatest University in UK for Masters?

When it comes to getting your Master’s degree, you can choose between two universities in the UK.

Some of the top finest universities to apply for masters are the London Metropolitan University, Gordon University, Kent University, University of South Wales, and University of Bradford, among others

Do UK universities take people with an HND?

Though not all, many UK Universities accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters.

The likes of Gordon University, and Kent University, among others. You can choose the one that best fits your abilities both financially, academically, and socially.

How much does it cost to study in the UK?

There is no static cost to study in any university in the world.

This means that there is no constant price to study and finish a program in the UK.

But each university has its own fees which you must consider before choosing it as your personal choice institution.


Studying in the UK is a dream of many international students especially getting a higher certificate over there.

Nevertheless, there are basic requirements to study in the UK as every university has its various criteria for gaining admission.

You have to first choose your choice of institution and then make further research from their official website to know all the requirements and to be sure that you are qualified to gain admission to obtain your Masters in the university.

When making plans and getting ready to study in the UK, you should also think about how much education costs there.

Even though some universities may not be as expensive as others, they can’t be compared to the cost of going to school in your own country.

Hence, you need to also prepare financially and ensure that you can meet up with the monetary requirements too to pay your fees.

There are a lot of universities that are still good with high standards and still have low fees compared to others.

Also, you can get a scholarship that pays all of your fees and lets you study in the UK for free.

You simply have to ensure that you are fully ready both academically, financially, materially, and morally.

Also, know that all or most universities in the UK focus on the English language. This means that you must be fluent in speaking and understanding the English language.

Wish to further your education in any of the above-listed universities?

You can just contact us for more help or go to the official websites of the universities listed for more information.

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