Shaka Polytechnic School Fees For Students

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As you embark on your academic journey at Shaka Polytechnic, it’s crucial to grasp the financial aspects to ensure a smooth ride throughout your studies. This comprehensive guide breaks down the school fees structure for both National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) students, shedding light on additional costs and payment options.

National Diploma (ND) School Fees:

Tuition Fees: Depending on your chosen course, ND tuition fees typically range from N150,000 to N250,000 per academic session.

Acceptance Fee: Upon acceptance, ND students are required to pay a non-refundable fee of N25,000.

Development Levy: An annual development levy of N5,000 applies to all ND students.

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Library Fee: Access to library resources necessitates a fee of N2,000 per semester.

Student Union Fee: Participation in student activities requires an annual fee of N3,000.

Medical Fee: Basic healthcare services on campus are covered by a fee of N1,000 per semester.

Higher National Diploma (HND) School Fees:

Tuition Fees: Similar to ND programs, HND tuition fees range from N200,000 to N300,000 per academic session, depending on the course.

Acceptance Fee:

Accepted HND students must pay a non-refundable fee of N30,000.

Development Levy:

An annual levy of N7,500 is applicable to all HND students.

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Library Fee:

HND students pay a library fee of N2,500 per semester.

Student Union Fee:

Similar to ND students, HND students pay an annual fee of N3,000 for student union activities.

Medical Fee:

The medical fee for HND students remains at N1,000 per semester.

Additional Fees:

Industrial Training (IT) Fees: HND students are required to pay additional fees for supervised industrial training, depending on the program.

Accommodation Fees:

On-campus accommodation fees range from N50,000 to N100,000 per academic session, depending on the room type.

Examination Fees:

Separate examination fees apply for each semester and professional body examinations.

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Payment Options:

Shaka Polytechnic offers various payment options, including cash payments at designated bank branches, online payments through the polytechnic’s website, and bank transfers.

It’s essential to note that the listed fees are approximate and subject to change. For the most accurate and updated information, refer to the official Shaka Polytechnic website.

By understanding your financial obligations, you can make informed decisions and effectively plan for your academic journey at Shaka Polytechnic. Remember, investing in your education is an investment in your future.

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