Nigeria Army College Of Nursing, Yaba Hostel Fees For 2024/2025

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Choosing the Nigerian Army College of Nursing (NACON), Yaba, for your nursing education means committing to academic excellence in a unique military setting. One essential aspect of this decision is choosing accommodation, with on-campus housing being a popular option. Understanding the costs associated with it is crucial for informed budgeting and financial planning.

Types of Accommodation and Fees:

NACON provides various hostel options to cater to different student needs. Here’s a breakdown of the available options and their associated fees for the upcoming 2024/2025 academic session:

  1. Regular Hostels:
    • Common and affordable.
    • Fees expected to range from N40,000 to N50,000 per academic session (subject to change).
  2. Self-Contained Hostels:
    • Offers greater privacy and independence.
    • Fees expected to be higher, ranging from N100,000 to N200,000 per academic session.
  3. Special Hostels:
    • Cater to specific needs or groups.
    • Fees may vary depending on the type of accommodation and amenities provided.
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Factors Affecting Hostel Fees:

Hostel fees at NACON are subject to change and may be influenced by factors such as:

  • General inflation
  • Facility upgrades or renovations
  • Government policies or funding allocations

Additional Costs:

Apart from the base hostel fee, students may incur additional expenses like:

  • Utilities (electricity, water, waste disposal)
  • Damage deposits (refundable, covering potential damages)
  • Optional laundry services
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Financial Aid and Support:

NACON understands the financial burden and offers support through:

  • Need-based scholarships for students facing financial hardship
  • Work-study programs allowing students to earn income while contributing
  • Installment payment plans to ease the financial burden


Prospective students considering NACON for their nursing education should carefully review the accommodation options and associated fees. Being aware of additional costs and available financial aid can help in making an informed decision. As fees are subject to change, staying updated with any announcements is recommended. Make your nursing education journey at NACON both academically and financially sound!

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