Na-nose – Cancer Diagnoses From Exhaled Breath With Na-nose

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Na-nose can detect cancer just by your breath. Most people think when someone has cancer it simply means they are dead or it simply means it is a death sentence. Although this is one of the deadliest diseases and research has shown that more than 10 million people die from cancer every year. But what if there was a way to catch cancer before it spreads in our bodies? Well, the new equipped medical tool can help do that. Na-nose is a medical tool that was invented by a brave scientist called Hasam Haik he is known as a professor in the technique who has been able to develop a device that can find cancer using your breaths only.

What Inspired Professor Hassan To Invent Na-nose?

Professor Hassan is a Palestinian scientist from Israel and he explained in a Nas daily video how he got inspired to make a Na-nose medical device. He explained that his life changed when he found out his best friend had cancer. A good friend of his called Ellie was diagnosed with cancer and he was so touched by seeing his friend suffering from the treatment of cancer. That was when he actually made up his mind to dedicate his life to medicine and find a new way to treat cancer.

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Generally speaking in today’s world anyone could have cancer in their body and they won’t even know it because there are no symptoms. So Professor Hassan thought instead of trying to find cancer after it spreads, why not catch it before it spreads? From breath, he learned that diseases can change the smell of your breath. He said that dogs can detect cancer and other diseases just by smelling a person’s urine and breath sample. So Professor Hasan built a device that works just like a dog’s nose.

How Does The Na-nose Work?

Here is how Na-nose works in our body. When a cancer cell grows, it releases tiny molecules that try to escape your body. These molecules travel to the lungs where they mix with the air our lungs release. So if you have a cancer cell growing inside your body, the air you release will have these cancer molecules and that’s where NaNose comes in. When you exhale into the NaNose, the device will study the breath using nanotechnology and AI. It will look for those tiny cancer molecules and if it catches them, it will signal an alert. And that’s how this machine can tell if you have cancer or not, even before any of the symptoms show, just based on your breath.

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When they started their research on breath analysis, they collected breath from healthy and from diseased people. One of the healthy client’s cases told them that he knows that he has no disease and that he has done a cancer test before a few months and he’s sure that he’s healthy. Nevertheless, when they have the breath analyzer using a Na-nose device, they were able to discover signs of cancer. A few months later it was discovered that there is a tumor inside.

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Millions of people don’t go for cancer tests or can’t afford to. With the Na-nose device, you can test for cancers, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease right from your home, even if you live in a remote village in Ethiopia. This is the grand vision of professor Hassan. The Na-nose systems are so cheap and affordable that can be utilized by every person, whether poor or rich.
Professor Hassan has stated that within three years almost everyone across the world will be able to access the Na-nose device.

We hope we can afford equal opportunity for their health management and treatment.
Professor Hassan gives everyone hope that it is finally possible to beat cancer and beat every other disease in the world.

Credits: Nas Daily, Professor Hassan

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