List Of Courses Under Faculty Of Education In Noun

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NOUN, short for the National Open University of Nigeria, holds a special place in the country’s education landscape. Established in 1983, it proudly stands as Nigeria’s pioneer Open and Distance Learning (ODL) institution, dedicated to the motto of “Education for All.” NOUN’s primary goal is to provide accessible and affordable higher education opportunities to people from all walks of life.

Undergraduate Programs in the Faculty of Education:

  1. Arts and Social Science Education (ASSE):
    • English Education
    • History Education
    • Economics Education
    • Political Science Education
    • Geography Education
    • Religion Education
    • Fine Arts Education
    • Theatre Arts Education
    • French Education
    • Yoruba Education
    • Hausa Education
    • Igbo Education
    • Arabic Education
  2. Educational Foundations:
    • Philosophy of Education
    • Sociology of Education
    • History of Education
    • Comparative Education
    • Planning and Administration of Education
    • Measurement and Evaluation in Education
    • Educational Research Methodology
    • Curriculum Studies
  3. Science Education:
    • Biology Education
    • Chemistry Education
    • Physics Education
    • Mathematics Education
    • Agriculture Education
    • Integrated Science Education
  4. Health and Human Kinetic:
    • Health Education
    • Physical and Health Education
    • Physical Education
    • Sports Management
  5. Library and Information Science:
    • Library and Information Science
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Postgraduate Programs:

  • Masters of Education (M.Ed):
    • Various specializations
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education


Q1: What makes NOUN unique? A: NOUN is the first Open and Distance Learning (ODL) institution in Nigeria, established in 1983, focusing on providing accessible and affordable higher education opportunities.

Q2: How diverse are the undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Education? A: The Faculty of Education offers a wide range of programs, including Arts and Social Science Education, Educational Foundations, Science Education, Health and Human Kinetic, and Library and Information Science.

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Q3: Are there postgraduate programs available at NOUN? A: Yes, NOUN offers postgraduate programs such as Masters of Education (M.Ed) with various specializations and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education.


NOUN’s commitment to “Education for All” is reflected in its diverse range of programs, making quality higher education accessible to everyone in Nigeria.

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