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How Much Baked Beans to Get for Large Groups

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When you’re hosting a large get-together, the last thing you want is to run out of everyone’s favorite side – baked beans. To ensure your Southern barbecue is a hit, it’s crucial to plan ahead and figure out just how many baked beans you’ll need to satisfy your hungry guests. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down serving sizes, recommend can sizes, and share tips on cooking and stretching your beans to perfection.

Determining Serving Sizes:

The average serving size for baked beans is about half a cup per person. However, various factors such as the number of sides served, the age of the guests, and their appetites can influence this. As a general rule of thumb, preparing a little extra is a wise choice to ensure everyone leaves your gathering with a satisfied stomach.

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Charts for Easy Planning:

To simplify your planning process, we’ve created charts based on different group sizes and can sizes. Whether you opt for 8.3, 16, 55, or 117-ounce cans, our charts provide estimates for both cups and cans needed per person. For groups exceeding ten, consider buying an extra 8.3-ounce can as a precautionary measure.

Serving Size Chart:

Number of People Baked Beans Needed (cups) 8.3 oz Cans 16 oz Cans 55 oz Cans
1 1/2 1 1 1
10 5 5 3 1
20 10 10 5 2

Bulk Buying Chart:

Number of People Baked Beans Needed (cups) Baked Beans Needed (oz) How Many Cans of Baked Beans to Cook
1 1/2 4 1 (8.3 oz)
10 5 40 1 (55 oz)
20 10 80 1 (117 oz)
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Cooking Options for Large Groups:

Once you’ve determined your quantities, it’s time to think about cooking. Depending on your kitchen space and group size, consider the following options:

  1. Slow Cookers:
    • Ideal for hands-off cooking.
    • Borrow from friends and family if needed.
    • One 4-quart slow cooker can accommodate up to 30 people.
  2. Oven:
    • Use a large ceramic bean pot or casserole dish.
    • Keep warm in the oven, covering with foil.
    • Ensure the heat setting is optimal to prevent burning.
  3. Microwave:
    • Convenient for quick reheating.
    • Works well for small batches.
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Stretching Your Beans: In case unexpected guests arrive or your furry friend decides to sample the goods, here are some tips to make your baked beans go further:

  1. Serve More Sides:
    • Offer additional sides to ensure everyone gets their fill.
  2. Smaller Plates or Bowls:
    • Use smaller plates to trick guests into taking smaller portions.
  3. Add Extra Ingredients:
    • Enhance your beans with extra ingredients for a heartier dish.


With this comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped to plan the perfect baked beans for your large gathering. From determining quantities to cooking methods and stretching your beans, follow these tips for a Southern barbecue that will have everyone coming back for seconds.

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