Fees For Direct Entry to University of Ibadan 2024

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Are you aspiring to join the esteemed University of Ibadan (UI) through the Direct Entry route in 2024? Understanding the financial aspects of this journey is crucial.

In this article, we break down the fees, eligibility criteria, and additional costs to help you navigate the admission process seamlessly.

Direct Entry Eligibility:

Before we delve into the fees, let’s grasp the eligibility criteria for UI Direct Entry:

  • National Diploma (ND) or Higher National Diploma (HND) with a minimum Lower Credit.
  • Five Ordinary Level credits (OLCs), including English Language and Mathematics, in not more than two sittings.
  • Satisfying any additional program-specific requirements outlined by the university.
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Types of Fees for Direct Entry Applicants:

  1. Application Processing Fee (N2,000):
  • Non-refundable fee covering administrative costs for processing your application.
  1. Portal Access Fee (N3,000):
  • Grants access to the university’s admission portal for form completion, document uploads, and application monitoring.
  1. Post-UTME Screening Fee (N2,000):
  • Similar to the Post-UTME for UTME candidates, this fee covers the screening exercise for direct entry candidates.

Total Fee Breakdown:

The total mandatory fees for UI Direct Entry admission in 2024 sum up to N7,000. This includes N2,000 for application processing, N3,000 for portal access, and N2,000 for the post-UTME screening.

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Additional Costs to Consider:

Beyond the mandatory fees, applicants may incur additional expenses such as:

  • Bank charges for online payments.
  • Transportation and accommodation costs for the screening exercise.
  • Expenses related to obtaining or verifying required documents, like OLC certificates.

Payment Options:

All fees can be conveniently paid through the university’s online admission portal using major debit and credit cards. Timely payments are crucial to avoid disqualification.


Understanding the fee structure is vital for effective budgeting and preparation. This guide provides a comprehensive overview, offering valuable information for aspiring UI students in 2024.

FAQs & Answers:

1. What is the total cost of direct entry admission to UI in 2024?

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The total mandatory fees are N7,000.

2. When is the deadline for paying direct entry application fees?

Deadlines are typically announced with the official admission calendar. Follow the university’s official channels for updated information.

3. Can I pay direct entry fees in installments?

Unfortunately, UI does not currently offer installment options. The full amount must be paid at once.

4. Where can I find more information about UI direct entry application process?

Visit the UI website or contact the admissions office for detailed information.

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