Easiest and Faster Ways to Withdraw Money from PayPal in Nigeria Without Limit

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Have your money been held by PayPal because you’re from Nigeria or have heard the problem usually faced by so many Nigerians in the withdrawal of their money from PayPal? I feel your pain, worry no more, I will walk you through the process.

Let’s quickly get started.

It’s a daylight truth that PayPal remains the best, most secure, most economical, and easy-to-use fintech App. However, currently in Nigeria, we are faced with the problem of not being able to withdraw with a personal account. Even the business PayPal account we are using is also at risk.

Let me check with some proven methods that I have been using these days I can withdraw money from my PayPal account without limit.

The method which I will be sharing with you today is in 3 stages.

  • Creating Safe PayPal Environment

  • Holding and selling

  • Transferring to your Nigerian Account

If you’re technologically inclined, you should know the very secretive method I am about to share. Let’s div in

Step 1 – Creating a safe PayPal environment.

The very first step when you want to cash out money from PayPal is to create a safe environment for your money. What do I mean by this? you should create a secure place where your PayPal account can work.

If your Nigerian PayPal account is not working, you can try out the other countries’ PayPal accounts. So, how do you go about this?

What I did was that I did was I created PayPal accounts with some African countries such as Senegal, a central African Muslim country, and the United Arab Emirates. What you should do in two different steps.

1A: Create Senegal PayPal

The very first thing is to create a Senegal PayPal account but it’s hard these days to see Senegal phone numbers that enable you to create the account.

The good news is that that is not even a problem any longer. You can use an online phone number generator to generate a Senegal phone number which you can use to verify your phone number. Make sure that you clear the code from the generator after successfully activating your account.

The limitation of this method is that your account may be compromised in the long run, so to secure your account, you can easily add your original Nigerian Email address and verify it.

Once that is done, you can now proceed to the next step by sending some small funds into it.

I have self-tested this method and it works.

Step 2: Holding your money

This means Holding your money in your account for some time and when it reaches $100-$490.

Step 3: Sell your money

Make sure you start selling to local people in Senegal using Bitcoin or you transfer the money directly to your Bitcoin and you can then sell it for local currency.

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