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Chat GPT Vs Google: Will ChatGPT replace Google?

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It’s not a new rumor when people say a new tool will overtake Google.  These tools will come & go while Google still stands. The Open AI’s ChatGPT can’t displace Google.
Although there are very valid opinions on why some people think that this tool ChatGPT might replace Google search in the near future, I do not subscribe to such because I know Google search cannot be replaced, at least for now.

Chat GPT Vs Google ( A Debate On the Internet)

With the recent trends going on on the internet, there has been panic among internet users, bloggers, writers, content creators, and others claiming that Chatgpt is going to bring down the almighty Google.

I decided to take my time to study how chatGPT works and compared it to google. Here is what I think of these two platforms.

Chatgpt is a very smart artificial intelligence bot developed by Open AI to solve complex problems and write detailed informative articles on any topic, this chat can be addictive because it is an interactive bot that responds to questions being asked, process the question, and provide a human-like answer.

With this, it makes it easy to get answers to any question asked by an individual. Yes, the bot is smart and might be smarter than google based on the way it gathers information and processes the answer in less than a second. But the truth is, google is not just a search engine, it is an ecosystem where humans can find solutions to anything and solve real-life problems. If you want to shop for a product online you ask Google, if you need music, you ask Google, for address information, you still ask google. The possibilities of what you can do with google daily are endless, this is why google can not just fade away.

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The world is changing every day, and the capabilities of ChatGPT are yet to be explored, but with its current state in the beta version and what it can do, I don’t see it overthrowing google.

After careful consideration, I realize that ChatGPT is not way too smart as people think of it, it gathers information from search engines and delivers the precise answer to what the user is looking for, this means that without the search engine (google) ChatGPT might not give an accurate answer to the query.

If google is to stop chatgpt today, I believe they can design a bot that stops chatgpt from learning from their search engine. This means that Open Ai will need to create its own search engine.

Google has a network of advertisers that want to reach real-life people. This means that advertisers will always take google as an option, over chatgpt no matter how addictive it becomes and the kind of traffic it gets.

This is where personalized content becomes key unless open ai will create its own advertising network in form of an AI that shows ads based on the user’s current query. If this is possible in the future, then it is a real win for Open Ai.

What I Think About The Future Of ChatGPT and Google

I don’t think the chatgpt will take over. We’ll only have saturated AI content which I believe will be acceptable in the future. The future of blogging will be determined by how smart you’re in asking smart questions to generate blog content that readers will find informative and helpful.

The future of Blogging is AI but google is a problem solver that helps in solving real-life problems.

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Is this OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT a search engine that might Replace Google Search Engine?

Many people, I mean many persons writing about ChatGPT haven’t used the AI do not even know that the Demo version from OpenAI that can’t yet search the internet.

I asked ChatGPT some questions, but it couldn’t answer them.

I threw errors like; “I can’t yet search the internet”

No Apps or Proper interface for the acclaimed ChatGPT and people are already hyping it?

This speculation (including my post) I must say is driving some sort of relevance to something that hasn’t launched yet.

And it displacing Google is also laughable,

It’s displacing writers and being able to write better also needs efforts to ask these questions.

Check the pictures below and see some of the questions I asked ChatGPT and see what it has to say.

I asked ChatGPT about the best niche for Blogging
It’s still struggling to search from the internet. I wonder if it pulls data from Wikipedia or something.

Here is the reality, chatGPT will not replace Google, it is not even a threat at this moment. If you’re looking for relevant, trending, real-time information, chatGPT is no way near Google.

ChatGPT will not tell you real-time goals, possession, or fouls, in an ongoing match, the same as election results (USA election as a case study).

ChatGPT is mostly useful for those with technical knowledge. Cause only if you know the right questions to ask that’s when chatGPT will give the correct answer.

But Google will suggest the question you want to ask, and even help you with the ones you don’t even know you’re going to ask.

Will AI like chatGPT render some people jobless?

ABSOLUTELY, Copywriters, legal writers, and scriptwriters, just to mention a few will be affected by this AI technology.

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Lastly, ChatGPT is not going to be free. You might not be able to afford it.

Take a look at this email copy generated by ChatGPT below;

Dear Mr. Musk,
I am writing to express my interest in working for Twitter as an SEO expert. With years of experience in the field, I am confident in my ability to help improve the visibility and reach of Twitter’s content on search engines.
I have a strong track record of success in SEO, with experience in both on-page and off-page optimization techniques. I am familiar with the latest trends and algorithms used by search engines, and I know how to create effective and engaging content that is optimized for search.
I am passionate about helping businesses succeed online, and I believe that my skills and experience make me a valuable asset to Twitter. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with your team and contribute to the success of the company.
Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing my qualifications and experience in more detail.
Best regards,
Alpha Web
That was generated with ChatGPT. I do tell my friends that this tool won’t replace any search engine, but it is very powerful to handle the unimaginable.
Learn how to use the ChatGPT to your advantage

Is ChatGPT good for writing content to rank on Google?

CAPITAL NO! Don’t use it to write content you intend to rank on Google. Don’t try it, ’cause you will cry! They will ask you what happened, you won’t be able to explain because mucus would have blocked your nose.

Now that you’re done reading my article, hit the comment section, and let’s discuss.

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