Bicycle Prices in Nigeria

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Cycling, often seen as a global activity, is gradually finding its roots in Nigeria, with its popularity soaring especially among the youth and the elderly in rural areas. Let’s delve into the world of bicycles, their history, benefits, and current market prices in Nigeria as of 2024.

Historical Insights: From Velocipedes to Modern Bicycles

The first semblance of a bicycle traces back to 1817 when a German, Baron Karl von Drais, introduced a running machine with four wheels. Although it deviated from the quintessential two-wheel design, this invention laid the groundwork for future innovations. By the 1860s, the term “bicycle” came into existence, marking the era of the two-wheeled vehicles we recognize today. Fast forward to the present day, brands like Giant, Trek, Scott, and BMX are globally renowned, with Nigeria also showcasing a penchant for the BMX brand.

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The Nigerian Bicycle Market: Brands and Prices

The Nigerian market offers a diverse range of bicycles catering to different age groups and preferences. As of January 2024, here’s a snapshot of some bicycle prices:

  • Brand New Bicycles:
  • Hummer Adult Bicycle: From N150,000
  • Babies Bicycles: From N24,000
  • Fat Tyre Bicycles: From N210,000
  • 26” Aluminium MTB Bicycle: From N120,000
  • Universal Action Sport 16″ BMX Bicycle: From N29,500
  • Fairly Used Bicycles:
  • Tokunbo Sport Bike: From N40,000
  • Tokunbo Toddler Bicycles: From N20,000
  • Tokunbo Babies Bicycles: From N14,000
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(Note: Prices are indicative and sourced from December 2022.)

Benefits of Cycling:

Cycling offers a plethora of benefits:

  • Economic: Minimal operational costs post the initial purchase.
  • Convenience: Navigating traffic becomes a breeze.
  • Health: A fun way to stay fit without strenuous exercises.
  • Eco-friendly: Reduces carbon footprint compared to motor vehicles.


While cars and private jets may dominate the luxury and status spectrum, bicycles continue to be a symbol of convenience, health, and environmental consciousness. With Nigeria’s urban areas witnessing increased traffic congestion, bicycles might just be the sustainable solution we’ve been overlooking.

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