54 27 pill is it a narcotic

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54 27 pill is it a narcotic ? This has been a question a lot of people have been asking online and in today’s article you will be able to get an answer to the question 54 27 pill is it a narcotic. For us to have the full knowledge about if 54 27 is narcotic or not. We need to understand two things which are ; what does 54 27 contain? And what does narcotic mean and how do they work ? 

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Generally most narcotics act on the central nervous system and they can be very addicting for instance; oxycodone, codeine are under the narcotic class and they can be very addicting. 

Drugs like morphine, hydromorphone, fentanyl are strong opioid analgesics and they’re under the narcotic class. 

54 27 pill is it a narcotic ? 

54 27 pill contain the active ingredient acetaminophen, acetaminophen is not a narcotic so it means that 54 27 is not a narcotic. Although abusing acetaminophen can lead to chronic liver disease. 

Acetaminophen is one of the safest medications used to relieve pain. Acetaminophen is a non opioid analgesic which can be used in ulcer patients.  Some other pain medication such as nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs such as ; ibuprofen, diclofenac, indomethacin cannot be used by an ulcer patient because this drugs disrupts the prostaglandin in ulcer patient’s stomach which might eventually lead to bleeding . 

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Although it is pain relieving medication, 54 27 is not a narcotic. 54 27 pills which contain the active ingredient Acetaminophen are very safe to use worldwide.  Most parts of Africa it is being used alongside anti-malaria medications such as Artemether / Lumenfantrine. Acetaminophen has been proven to give the best results as a pain relieving medication. 


For you to use the right dosage for acetaminophen it is always advised to ask your doctor or follow the instructions in the prescription label. The normal and accurate use of acetaminophen for an adult is 1g 8 hourly however it is highly advised to ask your doctor or Pharmacist about this medication. 

Acetaminophen comes in different dosage forms such as solid dosage forms e.g tablet and caplets liquid dosage forms ( syrups ) .

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How does narcotics work ? 

Narcotic drugs are very strong pain relieving medications that act in the central nervous system. They can be very addicting and that is why they’re prescription medications. Opioids should never be abused because they can lead to chronic side effects or even death.

For anyone taking narcotics medication they need to understand that this medication is very addicting and that is why they should inform their doctor if they have the urge to increase the dosage than prescribed by their doctor.  

In today’s world people abuse narcotics and they use them for pleasure. Drugs like codeine are mostly used in Africa and the United States by teens. These teens take these controlled drugs for pleasure ( highness )The fact that these narcotics act in the central nervous system ( brain ) can be very harmful when it is being abused. 

When it is being abused it can lead to chronic side effects such as psychosis or even death in some cases. It is very important for anyone who is abusing narcotics to quit and seek medical help as  abusing this medicine is very dangerous to human’s health. 

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54 27 pill get you high 

54 24 pill does not get you high because it contains Acetaminophen which is not an opioid. However even though 54 27 pill will not get you high, it can still be harmful or cause damage to the body when it is being abused. 

What is a 54 27 pill ? 

54 27 pill contain “ Acetaminophen ” it is used to relieve any symptoms of pain. It is one of the most common pain reliever medications being used worldwide. It is very safe to use when it is being used as prescribed. 

Pill 54 27 side effect 

Side effects of pill 54 27 includes ;

  1. Nausea 
  2. Vomiting 
  3. Itching 
  4. Loss of appetite 
  5. Headache 
  6. Dark urine 

54 27 white round pill 

Pill 54 27 is a white round pill that has an imprint of 54 27 on it. This pill was being supplied by the company called Rugby Laboratories inc. This pill contains the active ingredient Acetaminophen which is actually used to relieve pains. 

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