nurotion — nurotion side effects, indications, usage

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nurotion also known as gabapentin is a drug made to fight against epilepsy. 

nurotion is called an anti-epileptic / anticonvulsant drug, that affects the chemicals and nerves in the body that also causes seizures. This medication can be taken with other medicines to relieve nerve pains and prevent seizures in adults.

In adults, Gabapentin is mostly used to treat neuropathic pains, which were either caused by shingles( herpes zoster) or herpes virus. This medicine can also be used for children, who are 3years and above.

This medicine appears in different forms: It appears in capsules, Oral solutions, and tablets ( 600mg and 800mg).

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Facts About nurotion ( Gabapentin )

Gabapentin medications can be taken with other medicines, to assist in preventing seizures in people suffering from epilepsy. This medication is used to relieve the pain of postherpetic neuralgia.

Precautions Of nurotion ( Gabapentin ) 

Don’t use nurotion anytime you wish without medical direction. Gabapentin can cause chronic respiratory problems, mostly when you are already having any respiratory disorder. So, if you observe you are having slow breathing, please immediately seek medical attention.

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Some persons may experience changes in thought or behavior, while still on Gabapentin prescription, so be on alert if there be any mood disruptions. Thereby, call or report your new symptoms to your physician.

Stay away from hazardous activities, including driving, because this medicine can affect you in a way, you feel drowsy or dizzy which can cause you to fall or have an accident.

Don’t take in nurotion, if you are allergic to it. Confirm from your doctor, if you can consume this product, also, if you had already consumed this medication without a medical direction, please inform your doctor. For pregnant women, please don’t take this medication without your doctor’s prescription, to avoid affecting your unborn baby.

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Truly, as a pregnant woman, you experience a seizure and control it, but don’t take gabapentin without your doctor’s approval. Before you are able to use gabapentin as a pregnant woman, make sure that a test has been done, and confirm that your baby is safe with gabapentin.

Also, if you are a nursing mother who breastfeeds her baby, you must get the doctor’s advice before you can be able to take this medication.

How To Take In nurotion ( Gabapentin ) 

Firstly, you must take this prescription according to the doctor’s direction.

Adhere to all prescriptions on the leaflet.

Don’t minimize your doses or add to them.

Note: If your physician changes your type/ brand of medicine, there may be a need for a change in dosage.

So, verify with your physician, probably if you have questions about the change in medicine you are given. This medication can be taken either with food or without food.

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If you are to use half a tablet at a given time, make sure you consume the other half as soon as possible, probably within hours or days according to your next prescription.

Gabapentin can be taken with water, not crushed, or swallowed.

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If you are on liquid medication, carefully take its measurement

Either use, the available dosage device is given or a dosing syringe.

Don’t use a kitchen spoon, it will be an overdose.

Don’t stop taking gabapentin, even if you feel like you are fine, make sure you confirm with your doctor.

Because suddenly stopping this medication can increase seizures.

Be sure, you put on medical identification, in the case of an emergency, to inform others that you are having a seizure.

This medicine can cause diverse odd results, inform your doctor that you are on gabapentin medications.

This medicine should be stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. You can keep it in a refrigerator, but do not freeze it.

Properly read through the medicine leaflet, provided by your physician before you can take this medicine.

Remember, that your doses are based on your health conditions, and for the children, are based on their weight.

To reduce the side effect, take your very first dose minutes before sleeping at night.

Take the medication constantly according to the doctor’s direction, it works well, you maintain a constant intake level.

Medicine like antacid, which contains magnesium or aluminum will not absorb properly with gabapentin tablets.

Gabapentin is best to be taken 2 hours after the antacid.

Make sure you communicate to your physician, if there is an improvement or if the case worsens.

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Dosing Information

Dosage for an adult who suffers from Epilepsy:

First dose: 24hourly (once daily) 300mg orally on the first day.

Second doses: 12hourly (2 times daily) on the second day.

Third doses: 8hourly (3 times in a day) on the third day.

Gabapentin can be taken either with food or no food.

Half tablet should be consumed before 28 days of breaking the scored tablet, any half tablet that exceeds that then it should be discarded.

Usual Adult Dose For Postherpetic Neuralgia:

First dose: 24hourly (once daily) 300mg orally on the first day.

Second doses: 12hourly (2 times daily) on the second day.

Third doses: 8hourly (3 times in a day) on the third day.

This medication can be taken either with or without food.

Half a tablet shouldn’t exceed 28 days, if it does, then dispose of it immediately.

Proper Dose For Children With Epilepsy:

Note: This medication is not for children less than 3 years of age.

The age range permitted to take this medicine is from 3 to 12 years.

Dosage: Starting from 10-15 mg/kg daily in 3 divided tablets.

Active dosage interval: the approximate length of medication should not exceed 3 days in children under 5yrs of age.

Effective dosage: The highest dosage to be given is 40mg per day and the maximum time intervals should not be more than 12 hours.

For Children Above 12 Years Of Age:

First dose: 24hourly (once daily) 300mg orally on the first day.

Second doses: 12hourly (2 times daily) on the second day.

Third doses: 8hourly (3 times in a day) on the third day.

After 3days your doses may increase up to 1800mg/kg per day.

Via research, I have seen cases of long-term clinical studies in which doses are 3600mg per day have been given to a few persons for a period of short and have been well sustained.

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The dose interval must not exceed 12 hours.

nurotion ( Gabapentin )  Side Effects

Call for an emergency if you begin to notice some signs of allergy reactions on your face, skin, tongue, throat, or any part of your body.

Its symptoms : 

When you feel a change in your mood or behavior changes. 

When you experience constant anxiety.

When you have panic attacks

When you are having trouble sleeping.

If You feel impulsive.

When you get Irritable easily.

It can cause you to be agitated

It can cause you to be hostile.

It can also make you restless.

It can also cause you to be Hyperactive, either mentally or physically.

It can also bring Depression.

You may also experience skin rashes.

You may also experience fever.

You may also have swollen glands.

You may also feel muscle aches.

You may also feel severe weakness.

Upper stomach pain can also be a sign of reaction.

It can also cause the yellowing of your skin or eyes and many  more unlisted.

Quickly seek medical treatment or care, but the reactions are beyond what you can handle.

Report immediately to your physician, if the reaction is about suicide or hurting yourself.

Call your physician, once you start having these reactions:

Confusion, Extreme Drowsiness Or Weakness.

Weak Or Shallow Breathing.

Problems With Balance Or Muscle Movement.

Blue-colored Skin, Lips, Fingers, And Toes.

Unusual Or Involuntary Eye Movements.

Here are reactions on children which you should be observant of, and quick to report to a physician: 

When you observe that your child on Gabapentin medications, is acting restless, hostile, or aggressive.

When your child is having memory problems.

When your child is struggling with concentrating.

When you observe he/she is having jerky movements.

When he /she is having a headache.

When that child is having double vision.

When the child is having fever, chills, sore throat, body aches, and unusual tiredness 

When there is swelling in his / her legs and feet.

When he/ she is having problems with balance or eye movements; nausea, vomiting. There are many unlisted side effects that may occur.

Just call your physician, and make your complaint to him/ her.

Also, adhere to his/her medical advice. You can also contact the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088, to report your side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions About nurotion ( Gabapentin )

What if I miss a dose of nurotion?

Take the medications as soon as possible, but neglect the missed dose, if the time for the next dose is close.

Note: don’t take two tablets for a missed dose.

What if I mistakenly take an overdose?

If you swallow probably 2 doses instead of 1 dose, or you took an overdose mistakenly, just contact your physician or the emergency line at  1- 800-222-1222.

Does nurotion ( Gabapentin ) help to relieve pain?

Of course, mitigating pain is part of the functions of Gabapentin, especially the nerve pain that resulted from damaged nerves. This medicine is also used for treating neuralgia, whether acute or chronic.

How long can this medicine withdrawal last?

Several reports have confirmed that this medication withdrawal can last for nothing less than 4 days or more, but its duration is yet confirmed. The period it lasts depends on how much of the drug you have consumed and the time you have taken it.

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How do I feel while on nurotion ( Gabapentin ) medication?

You can’t feel any different feelings except if you are reacting to the medicine.

What type of dietary instructions should I continue with?

Your diet does not affect your medication, So you are free to eat your normal meals, except if the doctor tells you otherwise.

How long does nurotion ( Gabapentin ) take to work?

Though this medication takes several weeks to get to its full effect, it also depends on the health condition you are treating, whether chronic or acute. It also depends on your responses to treatment.

Does Gabapentin cause weight gain?

Gabapentin can probably cause weight gain, but its side effect is very rare and slight.

Is Gabapentin narcotics ?

Well, this medication is considered an anti-seizure medicine, and not narcotics.

Does Gabapentin cause sleep?

Yes! Gabapentin is a medication that contains induce sleeping properties.

Therefore, this medicine may make you sleep and that’s the reason, why sometimes it’s been prescribed for people battling insomnia, even if it is not mainly for sleeplessness conditions.

Does nurotion ( Gabapentin ) cause constipation?

This medication may probably cause constipation, but this is a very rare one and it is not part of its side effect. In clinical trials, for adults who took this medicine for nerve pain, only about 4% of persons reported constipation.

Is Gabapentin addictive, can it make me high?

This medication gabapentin is not considered an additive or medication that one can be addicted to over some time. But, you can probably catch a buzz from it, if you overdose; apart from this, gabapentin is not considered drug abuse, but one can be addicted to anything, he makes his mind be.

What should I stay from while on this medication?

Firstly, you must know that this medication can make you dizzy, and drown, so stay away from alcohol. Secondly, you must take an antacid within 2hrs before taking gabapentin, because it will be difficult for your body to absorb gabapentin when there is a presence of antacid.

Why is Gabapentin not good for me?

One of the reasons why you won’t take this medication is: 

If you are allergic to its side effects, please stay away from it. If you must take them, inform your doctor before taking and after probably if there are any effects. 

Does Gabapentin help in reducing pain?

Although this medicine is an antiepileptic drug mainly for seizures, it also works for treating neuropathic back pain either caused by postherpetic neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy, or spinal stenosis. 

How does Gabapentin 300mg take to work?

It takes up to 2 weeks to 4 weeks before you feel pain relief. In some cases, it lasts more than a week to months.

What is the right time to take the nurotion?

his medicine can be taken 24hourly, 12houry, 8hourly or 6hourly, depending on your prescription. Just try to maintain your time intervals. You can also take this medication with or without food.

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