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How Much Mashed Potatoes Do You Need for 30 People?

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Mashed potatoes, a beloved side dish, often take center stage at gatherings. Catering to large groups can be challenging, with the fear of running out or being stuck with leftovers. In this guide, we’ll provide foolproof tips on how much mashed potatoes to make, potato hacks, and serving strategies for a group of 30.

Determining the Right Amount:

To ensure you have enough mashed potatoes for your group, plan on serving about half a pound (one cup) per person. The table below outlines the number of potatoes needed for various group sizes, taking into account approximately three medium-sized russet potatoes per pound.

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Group Size Number of Potatoes Needed
10 people 15 potatoes
15 people 23 potatoes
20 people 30 potatoes
25 people 38 potatoes
30 people 45 potatoes

Potato Hacks for Large Groups:

For a convenient solution, consider using potato flakes – dehydrated potatoes that can be hydrated with water and milk. This option is not only cost-effective but also produces delicious mashed potatoes. Additionally, a ricer can make your mashed potatoes smoother.

Instant Mashed Potatoes for Efficiency:

If time is a concern, instant mashed potatoes are a viable option. The table below shows the quantity of instant mashed potatoes needed for various group sizes:

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Group Size Amount of Instant Mashed Potatoes Needed
10 people 6.6 oz (0.42 pounds)
15 people 9.9 oz (0.62 pounds)
20 people 13.2 oz (0.83 pounds)
25 people 16.5 oz (1.04 pounds)
30 people 19.8 oz (1.24 pounds)

Serving Strategies:

To keep mashed potatoes warm and presentable, consider using a crockpot or a metal/glass serving bowl over simmering water. You can even prepare mashed potatoes in advance, freezing them for up to two months.

Accompanying Mashed Potatoes:

While mashed potatoes are versatile, serving them alongside protein like turkey, meatloaf, chicken, or steaks is common. Don’t forget the gravy, planning on approximately 1/3 cup per person. A mashed potato bar with customizable toppings is another creative option.

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Serving mashed potatoes for a group of 30 need not be stressful. With careful planning, the right quantities, and strategic serving methods, you can ensure everyone enjoys this classic dish without running out or dealing with excessive leftovers. Whether you opt for traditional, instant, or a mashed potato bar, these tips guarantee a successful and satisfying meal.

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