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How Much Eggnog Per Person?

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Hosting a festive Christmas event and wondering how much eggnog to prepare for your guests? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the perfect eggnog-to-person ratio, provide insights on purchasing cartons, share tips for homemade eggnog, and even offer alternatives for those with dietary restrictions. Let’s dive into the details to ensure your holiday gathering is filled with cheer and delicious eggnog!

Eggnog to Person Ratio

When planning your Christmas event, it’s crucial to estimate the amount of eggnog needed per guest. To be generous, aim for one and a half cups of eggnog per person. Consumer reports suggest a serving size of half a cup, but providing more allows guests to indulge and ensures you won’t run out. Check the table below for a quick reference on the amount of eggnog based on your guest count.

Number of People Amount of Eggnog in Cups Amount in US Fluid Ounces Amount in Quarts Amount in Liters
10 15 120 3.75 3.55
15 22.5 180 5.625 5.32
20 30 240 7.5 7.1
50 75 600 18.45 17.74
100 150 1200 37.5 35.5
200 300 2400 75 71
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How Many Eggnog Cartons Should You Purchase?

Planning to buy cartons of eggnog? Determine the number needed for your group size. Half-gallon cartons range from $4.59 to $7, depending on brand and location. Refer to the table below for guidance on the number of cartons required and the associated price range.

Number of People Amount of Half Gallon Cartons Needed Price Range
10 2 $9.18-$14
15 3 $13.77-$21
20 4 $18.36-$28
50 10 $45.90-$70
100 19 $87.21-$133
200 38 $174.42-$299

How Much Eggnog Should You Make?

For a homemade touch, consider making your own eggnog. Ensure you have enough servings for each guest by consulting the tables above. If your recipe yields less than required, double or triple as needed. Making eggnog ahead of time and allowing it to sit for 24 hours enhances the flavor. You can also encourage guests to participate in an eggnog-making contest for added fun.

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 Serving and Presenting Eggnog to Guests

Whether self-serve or served by others, use glasses that hold about half a cup to prevent overfilling. Keep eggnog cold by storing unused cartons in the fridge or coolers with ice. For an aesthetically pleasing presentation, use decorative bowls filled with ice to showcase the eggnog. Add festive garnishes for a visually appealing and tasty experience.

Things to Remember When Serving Alcoholic Eggnog

If adding a kick to your eggnog with alcohol, be aware of local laws regarding alcohol service. Wet, moist, and dry areas have different regulations. In dry areas, alcohol cannot be served, even at private parties. For catering in dry areas, alcohol must be purchased by the host from a caterer in a wet or moist area. Always have alcohol-free alternatives available, and encourage responsible drinking.

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 Eggnog Alternatives

Accommodate guests with dietary restrictions by offering eggnog alternatives such as Oat-Nog, Lactose-Free Eggnog, Soy-Nog, Almond Milk-Nog, and Vegan Nog. Follow the same one-and-a-half-cup ratio for these alternatives. While they may be pricier, the inclusivity they provide is worth it.


With this ultimate guide, you’re well-equipped to host a Christmas event filled with delightful eggnog. From perfect ratios to serving tips and alternatives, your guests are sure to enjoy the festive drink. Plan ahead, get creative with presentation, and ensure a memorable holiday gathering for everyone. Cheers to a joyful and eggnog-filled celebration!

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