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Zubby Michael Cars (Updated 2024)

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Zubby Michael, the acclaimed Nigerian actor and film producer, has not only made a significant mark in the world of Nollywood with his stellar performances but has also captured the attention of fans with his lavish lifestyle, particularly his impressive collection of luxury cars. In this blog post, we delve into Zubby Michael’s car collection, providing insights into the vehicles that adorn his garage and the allure behind his passion for automobiles.

Zubby Michael: Biography and Career Overview:

Born Azubuike Michael Egwu on February 1, 1985, in Ekwusigo, Anambra State, Nigeria, Zubby Michael embarked on his journey in Nollywood in the early 2000s with his debut in the movie “Missing Rib.” Over the years, he has honed his acting skills and garnered praise for his versatile performances in both English and Igbo-language films. Beyond acting, Zubby Michael has ventured into film production, showcasing his creativity and expertise, which have further solidified his presence in the Nigerian film industry.

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Zubby Michael’s Love for Cars:

Zubby Michael’s social media presence offers glimpses into his opulent lifestyle, where he unabashedly flaunts his love for luxury cars. His affinity for automobiles is evident in his willingness to invest millions in acquiring his dream vehicles. Often seen mingling with fellow celebrities like Davido and Olamide, Zubby Michael’s charismatic personality and extravagant lifestyle have endeared him to fans across Nigeria.

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Zubby Michael’s Car Collection:

Zubby Michael’s garage boasts an impressive array of luxury cars, each representing sophistication, power, and style. Among his notable acquisitions are:

1. Mercedes Benz G Wagon: Renowned for its rugged design and powerful performance, the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon epitomizes luxury SUVs with its advanced technology and luxurious interior.

2. Mercedes Benz 4matic: Equipped with the Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system, this vehicle ensures enhanced traction, stability, and handling on various road conditions, elevating the driving experience to new heights.

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3. Range Rover Sport: Combining luxury with off-road capability, the Range Rover Sport offers versatility and style, making it a preferred choice for urban commutes and adventurous excursions alike.


Zubby Michael’s car collection reflects his penchant for luxury and his status as a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry. With his thriving acting career and lavish lifestyle, Zubby Michael continues to captivate audiences both on and off the screen. As he continues to amass accolades and expand his portfolio, one thing remains certain – his love for luxury cars will always be an integral part of his identity.

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