Subject Combination For Linguistics

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Choosing the right subject combinations is crucial when pursuing a degree in Linguistics in Nigeria. This blog post aims to simplify the decision-making process by exploring recommended subject combinations for Linguistics and highlighting universities that offer this sought-after course.

Subject Combinations:

  1. English Language:
    • Combinations: English Language and Literature, English Language and Mathematics, or English Language and Biology.
    • Rationale: These combinations offer a strong foundation in language and literature, setting students up for success in Linguistics courses.
  2. French Language:
    • Combinations: French Language and Literature, French Language and Government, or French Language and Economics.
    • Rationale: French Language enhances analytical skills and broadens cultural perspectives, making it a valuable asset for Linguistics studies.
  3. Physics or Chemistry:
    • Combinations: Physics or Chemistry and Mathematics or Biology.
    • Rationale: These combinations strike a balance between scientific and mathematical skills, providing a well-rounded approach to Linguistics studies.
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Universities Offering Linguistics:

Several universities in Nigeria offer Linguistics as a course of study. Some notable institutions include:


When embarking on a Linguistics journey in Nigeria, consider the recommended subject combinations to build a solid foundation. Research universities offering Linguistics and choose the one that aligns with your goals. Remember, a passion for languages coupled with the right subject choices can pave the way for a successful Linguistics education and career.

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