Rolex Watch Prices in Nigeria

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In the realm of luxury wristwatches, Rolex stands tall, symbolizing a perfect blend of elegance, durability, and timeless style. Especially in Nigeria, Rolex isn’t just a timepiece; it’s a statement of class and distinction.

Let’s dive deeper into the Rolex world in Nigeria and explore the current landscape.

The Allure of Rolex in Nigeria

Your ensemble isn’t complete without the right wristwatch. In Nigeria, a Rolex doesn’t just tell time; it narrates a story of prestige and sophistication. Rolex, often hailed as the Rolls Royce of watches, is not merely a product of its brand name but an embodiment of unparalleled craftsmanship.

From official settings to casual outings, Rolex seamlessly integrates into any attire. Whether it’s the iconic Air-King or the timeless Datejust, Rolex watches in Nigeria cater to diverse tastes, offering an array of designs, sizes, and materials.

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The Nigerian Rolex Market:

Nigeria’s penchant for quality aligns perfectly with Rolex’s commitment to excellence. Over the years, Rolex has resonated with Nigerians, delivering on the promise of class, quality, and uniqueness. Consequently, Nigeria has emerged as a significant market for Rolex in Africa, witnessing an insatiable demand for these luxury timepieces.

However, with great popularity comes imitation. Counterfeit Rolex watches flood the local market, challenging discerning buyers. While seasoned Rolex aficionados can spot the difference, newcomers might find themselves navigating a maze of replicas.

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Navigating Rolex Prices in Nigeria

Owning a Rolex in Nigeria is a testament to one’s affluence and taste. The price range for these luxury watches varies, depending on the model and its series. Here’s a snapshot of the 2024 Rolex prices in Nigeria:

  • Brand-new Rolex Watches: Prices range from N8,930,250 for the Rolex Explorer Automatic to a staggering N30,330,000 for the ROLEX Cosmograph Daytona White Dial.
  • Refurbished & Pre-owned Rolex Watches: These can be a more affordable option, typically priced between 50% to 75% of their brand-new counterparts.
  • Fake Rolex Watches: While they might seem like a steal, these replicas are far from the genuine experience, with prices ranging from N55,000 to N95,000.
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What Sets Rolex Apart?

Since its inception in 1905, Rolex has etched its legacy as a pioneer in watchmaking. From producing the world’s first waterproof watch, the Oyster, to serving as the official timekeeper for esteemed events like Wimbledon, Rolex embodies precision, durability, and prestige.


Rolex watches in Nigeria are more than mere accessories; they’re heirlooms, symbols of achievement, and icons of style. As the demand for Rolex continues to surge in Nigeria, one thing remains certain: the timeless allure of Rolex watches transcends generations, making them a prized possession for many.

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