Nikon Camera Prices in Nigeria

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When it comes to capturing life’s most precious moments, Nikon has carved a niche for itself as a trusted brand in the camera industry. With a legacy rooted in quality, reliability, and innovation, Nikon cameras have become synonymous with top-tier photography equipment. If you’re contemplating investing in a camera, here’s a comprehensive guide to Nikon camera prices in Nigeria as of 2024.

Why Choose Nikon Cameras?

Nikon’s longstanding reputation in the market is a testament to its commitment to excellence. Not only are these cameras known for their durability and reliability, but they also boast cutting-edge technology that enhances user experience. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast, Nikon has a camera to suit your needs.

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Variety and Availability

Nikon offers a diverse range of cameras, each tailored to cater to different photography styles and requirements. From digital cameras renowned for their auto-focus features to camcorders built for rugged durability, Nikon stands out as a brand that understands its customers’ needs. Moreover, with widespread availability across Nigeria, acquiring a Nikon camera is both convenient and accessible.

Price Range of Popular Nikon Cameras in Nigeria

  • CoolPix A100 Digital Camera: N117,000
  • CoolPix L340 Digital Camera: N137,000
  • CoolPix B700 Digital Camera: N250,000
  • CoolPix P900 Digital Camera: N1,000,000
  • CoolPix S2900 Digital Camera: N62,000
  • CoolPix W100 Digital Camera: N68,000
  • CoolPix S800C Digital Camera: N75,000
  • CoolPix B500 Digital Camera: N145,000
  • D750 SRL Digital Camera: N1,000,000
  • D610 Digital Camera: N590,000
  • D500 Digital Camera: N800,000
  • D5300 Digital Camera: N300,000
  • D5300 HDSLR Digital Camera: N325,000
  • D5600 Digital Camera: N450,000
  • D810 DSLR Digital Camera: N1,430,000
  • D5200 Digital Camera: N285,000
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Key Features of Nikon Cameras

  1. Durability and Reliability: Nikon cameras are built to last, offering unmatched durability and reliability.
  2. Superior Picture Quality: With Nikon, expect nothing less than exceptional image clarity and detail.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Nikon cameras are designed with the user in mind, ensuring ease of use even for beginners.
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While Nikon cameras offer a plethora of benefits, it’s worth noting that they may lag behind some competitors in terms of technological advancements. However, their consistent performance and reliability make them a popular choice among photographers.


Nikon continues to solidify its position as a leading brand in the camera industry, offering a range of products that cater to diverse needs. Whether you’re looking for a compact digital camera or a high-end DSLR, Nikon has something for everyone. Explore your options, compare prices, and invest in a Nikon camera to elevate your photography experience.

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