Hard AF! — Hard AF! Contains Some Hidden Ingredients

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Hard AF! Is a product that claims to be one of the best male enhancing pills. According to the FDA, this product contains some hidden ingredients and we are glad to share this information with you. If you are someone who is planning to purchase the Hard Af! supplement, then we strongly recommend you to read this article to the end as it will be very useful for you. 

The product known as “Hard Af! ” is being promoted on different stores as well as big websites. If you are someone who wants to get this product you might have heard or seen this product on many ecommerce stores like and other big websites promoting this product. 

Hence the Food And Drug Administration has warned about this product. 

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What is Hard Af! 

What is Hard AF! ?
What is Hard AF! ?

Hard Af! Is a product that claims to be a male enhancing pill, it also claims to help build testosterone and increase durability. This product has been used by different people across the world but the FDA recently warned about this product. 

Warning About Hard Af! By FDA 

According to the FDA ( Food And Drug Administration ) they warn everyone who purchases or the consumers of Hard Af! not to use and purchase this product anymore. 

A laboratory analysis was conducted by the FDA and it was confirmed that Hard Af! contains two active ingredients which are ; Acetaminophen and Sildenafil. 

Acetaminophen is a pain relieving medication while sildenafil is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However sildenafil is also the active ingredient present in the FDA approved prescription drug “ Viagra “which is also used in erectile dysfunction. 

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The word prescription drug means that it can only be used under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional ( Doctor ). When a patient complains about erectile dysfunction to a health care professional the doctor knows the right medication that will be given to the patient with proper supervision. 

Hard AF!
Hard AF!

However the uncleared ingredients which are present in Hard Af! can interact with nitrates which are also found in some other prescription drugs such as nitroglycerin, and this may lead to lowering the blood pressure to very harmful and dangerous levels. People with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and high cholesterol usually take nitrates. 

Hard Af! contains Acetaminophen which is used in reduction of pains and fever. Acetaminophen is also found in a lot of prescription and nonprescription ( over the counter )  medications. The consumers of Hard Af! are prone to serious threats because Hard Af! may result in unintentional acetaminophen overdose, most especially when it is being used or combined alongside with other acetaminophen containing medications. 

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Overdose or misuse of acetaminophen leads to liver damage, liver failure or even death in some cases. FDA warns every consumer of Hard Af! to stop taking this product as it may be very harmful to the consumers. Big stores that promote this product only want to make money and never care about people’s healthwise. 

FDA has urged every Health Care professionals and also the consumer to report any side effects or adverse effects of Hard Af! 

We understand that in today’s world a lot of men have erectile dysfunction due to some causes such as ; Not enough oxygen in the penile areas. And that is why male enhancing supplements can help to boost testosterone and also supply sufficient oxygen and increase libido.

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However using the right medication that is being approved by the FDA will give the best results without any toxic side effects. If you would want to get the right and the best male enhancing pill then we will strongly recommend you to visit a Pharmacy store and make complaints. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hard Af! ? 

There have been a lot of questions and queries about the product Hard Af! 

What Does Hard Af! Contains ? 

The FDA conducted a laboratory test about hard Af! And it was seen that this product contains two main active ingredients known as ; acetaminophen and sildenafil. Acetaminophen which is a pain reliever medication is present in many prescription and over the counter medications too. 

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Is Hard Af! Approved By FDA? 

Even though this product is being promoted by a lot of big websites like and on different ecommerce websites. FDA has urged and warned the consumers of Hard Af! not to purchase this product anymore as it can be very dangerous to their health. 

Why do Big Websites promote this product when it is not approved by the FDA? 

A lot of consumers can easily get this product on different stores online. This product is not approved by the FDA, but why do big websites like Walmart promote this product? The main reason is because all these websites only want to make money and they do not care about people’s health care.   

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What Is the best way to boost my libido and testosterone levels?  

When a man has erectile dysfunction, there are always different things that could cause it which includes ; not adequate enough oxygen in the penile areas, alcoholism, smoking and many more. However the best way to cure erectile dysfunction is by using the right and suitable male enhancing supplement that can help boost libido and increase testosterone levels. 

We strongly recommend anyone who has erectile dysfunction to visit the hospital or pharmacy to get the right and suitable medication for themselves.  

In summary about Hard Af! 

Hard Af! claims to be one of the best male enhancing pills that cure erectile dysfunction, boost libido and increase testosterone levels in male. This product is being promoted by a lot of big companies online including and it has been clearly shown that different people across the world purchases and consumes this product. However laboratory tests were conducted by the FDA ( Food and drug administration ) and they were able to discover two unclear active ingredients present in Hard Af! 

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The ingredients are Acetaminophen and sildenafil. Acetaminophen is a pain relieving medication and it is usually present in prescription and non prescription medications. Overdose of  acetaminophen causes liver damage or even death in some cases and sildenafil is also present in a prescription medication called “ Viagra ” prescription medications are prescribed by a health care professional.

Thanks for reading this article to the end, if you have any question about this product then kindly ask in the comments section below or visit our contact page. 

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