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Welcome to Thereviewplug. In this article you will know if is legit or scam Before you sign up. As a result of you reading this Review, you will know how works. is a great place to get the best reviews. However we don’t lie, but we share beneficial information to our viewers. 

Read this Review and get first hand information about this platform. 


Every information gives you is true and not false. However we are not here to condemn or promote any site. But our team is always ready to give you the best review you can ever get. However every decision you take as a reader of this article is at your own risk. You can contact us for more information at [email protected]

What is About | Review is a fresh platform and it allows users to earn through carrying out orders. However this platform has no registration bonus but it gives you access to earn more. 

Apply Now: Review | Is legit or scam Review | Is legit or scam

However, you can also invite your friends to join and the platform will reward you. But people you invite must join using your Referral/Invitation link. This platform will reward you  for everyone that joins using your referral link and more.

How to Sign Up on

  • Kindly go to the website and enter the sign up page.
  • Input all necessary details and cross check them.
  • Make sure you Agree to the Terms and Conditions before clicking on sign up.

Who is the Owner of

This platform’s owner is Unknown. However thereviewplug is still carrying out an investigation. But if the owner is out, we will upload it here.

How does Work

Before you can gain access to earn on the platform you need to be registered. After you register and you are now a member you can start earning immediately.

Apply Now: Review | Is legit or scam

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However allows you to carry out orders. But you can still earn money through The platform’s VIP plans. 

This platform has 5 VIP plans and it has different profits attached. However you can subscribe to any of them. But know that the higher the plan the higher your profit.

How to login on

  • Input just your password and phone number.
  • Then click on login immediately and you will be carried into your account. Referral | Review

As a result of you sharing your referral link, will pay you. However, those invited must join this platform using your referral link. The more people you invite and the more people join the more you earn.

How to get paid and withdraw on | Review

Before you can get paid on the platform, you need to reach the threefold. However, this platform gives opportunities to build your money. 

Apply Now: Review | Is legit or scam

You need to provide your TRC20 UDST wallet address and then withdraw. Payment proof | Review payment proof is unknown. This platform has no payment proof and we can’t say it is paying anyone.


Is legit or a scam? | Review is not confirmed legit because the platform requires a deposit. However the platform may crash after some months. But don’t trust this platform 100%.

This platform has no payment proof and the CEO is unknown. These are reasons to not jump into the platform and deposit any money. 

Conclusion is fresh and thereviewplug is saying the platform is either a scam or legit. But not 100% legit or scam. However 50% scam and 50% legit. 


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